Distribution & Logistics Case study

Hard and soft FM delivered to a range of UK distribution centres

Through our collaborative approach, our colleagues become fully integrated members of our customer's teams and are more equipped to limit the impact on operations

Case Study
Case Study


We provide maintenance and cleaning services to 37 of the customer's distribution sites across the UK. Over 800 City colleagues work closely with the customer to deliver exceptional service provision.

Every logged job is responded to within four hours and the resolution process begins as quickly as possible. Our colleagues are on-site within two hours on average, which is twice as quick as the agreed SLA for attendance (which is four hours). We achieve an average issue resolution rate of 80%, higher than the industry standard. City’s rigorous execution of the established service level agreements (SLAs) is relied upon to reduce and limit any interruption to the customer's operations.


Servicing a range of DC site types:

Ambient distribution centres (ADC): The ADCs vary significantly in size and in complexity. The range includes the customer's biggest distribution centre (over 700,000 square feet) and automated flag ship site, which is the most technologically advanced site in the UK.

Chilled distribution centres (CDC): CDCs provide the entirety of the customer's chilled and frozen food to the retail network. Full cleaning and maintenance services are provided in an environment that ranges from 12oC to -18oC.

Clothing sites: These are unique sites which process clothing. The sites are technology driven and have multi mezzanine floor levels, all of which are maintained and cleaned by City.

Service centres: These centres are the recycling provision for the entire customer network. We provide building maintenance and hygiene services to these centres, as well as full maintenance for the industrial balers, which compress the card and plastic that is returned from the stores. We maintain the customer's industrial tray wash machines, which clean the trays that stock fruit and vegetables nationwide.

Other sites: There are several bespoke sites that make up the profile of the estate. These sites manage imported goods, general merchandise and cross stock centres, all managed by City’s FM and hygiene services.

Our bespoke CAFM provides detailed and real-time reports and insights, all accessed by the customer using an online access portal


Through a deep understanding of the customer's operational needs, and by providing a bespoke model that is critical to the success of the operation, City has developed into a fully integrated element of the customer's operational dynamic.

At both site and regional level, we are seen as a close partner rather than simply a third-party supplier. On-site City colleagues are considered part of the customer's operational team and are involved in internal meetings when relevant. There is no distinction made between the City and customer logos visible on colleague uniforms.


Bespoke CAFM

Our solution is facilitated by a bespoke CAFM system, which enables our colleagues to log jobs for all on-site activity, including scheduled PPM’s and reactive jobs. Critical parts are identified early on to ensure they are repaired within agreed SLAs. This enables the customer to continue operations and minimise down time. The bespoke CAFM provides detailed and real-time reports and insights, all accessed by the customer using an online access portal. To assist them in task completion, all our engineers have an iPad and access to purpose-built apps.

Energy saving is a huge focus area for the customer. Utilising our in-house expertise and dedicated Energy Bureau, we have assisted the customer's estate with several energy-saving initiatives. These include:

  • Full installation of LED into all warehouse chambers with PIR systems
  • Installing charging points for chilled trailers
  • Monitoring and adjusting lighting and temperature in non-occupied areas of the sites, which has realised major cost-savings for the customer

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