Fire & Security Case Study

Installing over 300 CCTV cameras in a large retail distribution centre

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Case Study
Case Study

Asda’s Lutterworth distribution centre deals with high value items and receives deliveries from all over the world. The aim of the project was to provide Asda with a security system solution that met its needs, with the intent to prevent theft, assist in accident investigation, control access to the premises and provide a visual overview of the site.

We installed a 300+ CCTV camera system covering as close as practicably possible to 100% of the premises. The system consists of a combination of night and day cameras, thermal imaging cameras, and 360 degree pan, tilt and zoom cameras; all cameras are recording 24 hours a day at a quality beyond the standards of high definition TV.

In addition to the CCTV camera installation, perimeter protection in the form of traffic barriers, turnstiles, intercom systems and a new fence line were also installed.

The distribution centre was completely live throughout the whole installation process and it was imperative to ensure there was no impact on the site’s day to day activities. By learning and understanding the client’s needs we were able to plan the installation accordingly and avoid any downtime in operations.

Due to effective communication we were able to tweak system design throughout the installation and make further improvements immediately when the client requested.

Interestingly, many systems today have 300+ cameras; however recording these images continually at high definition is rare. Further this entire system was integrated into ASDA’s larger network and monitoring system. This consists of 45,000 remotely monitored cameras plus hundreds of intruder, fire and access control systems. CBES has delivered a bespoke system to Asda which is unique in today’s market.

Over 300 HD+ cameras installed, along with access control and perimeter protection systems.

distribution centre interior

Key Facts

  • 300+ CCTV camera system installation
  • night and day cameras
  • thermal imaging cameras
  • 360 degree pan, tilt and zoom 
  • beyond the standards of high definition TV.

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