Fire & Security Case Study

Ensuring safety in paediatric units

Our security division worked closely with NHS Tunbridge Wells recently to install a tagging system to ensure the safety of babies within the facility's paediatric unit.

Case Study
Case Study

Recently our Security team installed a bespoke baby tagging system for Tunbridge Wells Hospital which provided full coverage for the hospital’s paediatric department.

The system consists of a small tag which a baby wears around their ankle. The tag contains a radio transmitter which sends a presence signal every 1.4 seconds.

All of the signals from the tags are monitored by a dedicated system which tracks each tag. The monitoring system is able to issue an alert if the signal is lost, if the battery is running low or if the tag has been tampered with.

Safe areas were established in the hospital where infants can be moved freely. If however, a baby is moved out-with a safe zone without authorisation then an alarm is activated.


Key Facts

  • bespoke system for NHS;
  • radio transmitter tags with presence signal;
  • dedicated tracking system;
  • battery / signal loss & tamper warnings; 
  • alarm activation beyond safe area.

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