Food System Case Study

Installation of new Bam Tuk Asian Street Food offer

Enhancing customer experience

Case Study

The aim of the project was to fit a new Panku and Bam Tuk offer to replace the existing fish counter that had been removed.

The original scope was to fit a pizza oven in the deli prep’ area to the side of the offer and supply the blast chiller and induction woks for the Bam Tuk. We were asked to assist on the extract system for the offer when the new design required a canopy and bespoke system.

As the Design team were struggling to get the extract system designed and fitted CBES stepped in to help with the design and installation of the extract.

The extract didn’t follow the normal specification of a store and no roof penetrations were made.
The unit filters the air extracted and cleans it and removed odours before sending it back into the preparation area.

CBES proposed different methods and materials which were an alternative design to suit and fit the Client’s needs.




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