M&E Case Study

10+years carrying out Test and Inspection for ASDA

Ensuring safety and compliance across nationwide stores

We have provided T&I services to Asda for over a decade. The T&I cycle starts when we are given the
list of stores that are to be tested. Stores are typically tested on a 5 year cycle and we try to ensure that they
are tested during the same month in every cycle.

Testing is carried out in accordance with BS7671 regulations. It generally takes 2 weeks to complete
a store and the process involves our team reviewing the entire store. Thermal images are taken of all
distribution boards to identify any areas of heat buildup, helping us to gain a full understanding of the
integrity of the system. If any areas of concern are identified then they are categorised according to the
following scheme:

• Code 1 – requires immediate attention
• Code 2 – requires attention at some point in the near future
• Code 3 – Recommended area of improvement

Our staff also undertake any necessary remedial works while they are on site, by either immediately fix the
problem or they will isolate the area to make it safe. Following the completion of the works a full report
is produced including thermal images and a full schematic drawing.







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