Construction Case Study

Ikea Click and Collect

CBES undertook a refurbishment of IKEA's Exeter store to deliver a brand new Click and Collect facility

Case Study
Case Study

As a result of changing habits of shoppers and exponential growth of retailer Ikea, the IKEA decided to invest in a new convenience service for its customers by developing their first Click and Collect facility at their store in Exeter.

After an 18-month process of engagement with the retailer which including onboarding, tendering, final selection, and presentation, CBES Ltd was commissioned by Ikea as Principal Contractor for this refurbishment project which will saw the Click and Collect service built within the existing undercroft area and involved the repurposing of 67 parking bays. In addition, 27 existing bays were converted to parking bays dedicated for visitors of the Click & Collect facility.

The project team carefully structured our programme of works and site control measures to ensure minimum level of disruption to the store’s trading and click and collect operations. The team met and surmounted various challenges on their journey to project completion. Given the prominence and popularity of the store, traffic management was a key concern and careful analysis of the existing flow was a priority for the team in ensuring that our operations and material deliveries were planned, integrated and carried out with minimal impact.

To maintain the store’s existing click and collect operations the team created a temporary area for use whilst the construction phase was underway by means of hoarding panels and access gates, thereby ensuring that access was maintained to the store’s good lift.

A large residential area borders the store perimeter close to our area of operations, therefore the team were alert to the potential environmental noise impact, organised a letter drop to local residents at the beginning of the project to inform them of the projects aim’s an duration and the control measures in place to keep disruption to bare minimum. The team also restricted their working hours on site to reflect this.

The scope of works include:

  • Excavate the existing tarmac car park
  • Install new drainage
  • Install new concrete slab and kicker
  • Install new cladding
  • Install new curtain walking
  • Install new lift shaft for good lift
  • Install new M&E throughout (Plumbing, Electrical, Data Security and Fire Alarm) interfaced with existing store systems
  • Installation of new signate throughout the site

As part of our appointment, we ensured compliance with IKEA’s supplier Code of Conduct ‘IWAY’ a total sustainability management system which aims to deliver positive impact on society, and the planet across the entire IKEA Value chain.

Access to the main store itself was not affected by the proposals. The project was completed in January 2023, and we will be continuing to provide construction services to IKEA for our latest project at their Edinburgh store.







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